How Long Do Frontals Last?

How Long Do Frontals Last?

Wigs are the only obvious way of looking natural when wearing a wig. You can’t just put a wig on your head and expect it to stay on for ever more. The problem with that is that the hair grows, the wig grows along with it and the end result is that you have longer than average hair all around your head. The average human being only has about 0.35 mm of hair on their head, which is surprisingly enough. Even though you may have that much hair on your head, the rest of your head is covered by your scalp which means that the wig you wear is only showing part of your real hair.


So you ask yourself, how long do frontals last? If you are wearing a wig regularly then the answer to that question will be very quick. If you buy one or two each year then it will probably not be too long. It really depends on how you style your hair and what type of wig you decide to buy.


If you are buying a cheaper alternative then the answer to the question will still be relatively short. They will probably last around six months if you give them a bit of time. If you do spend a little more on a quality style then they will last for around twelve to eighteen months before they become too wobbly for comfortable wear. Of course if you buy a good wig then you shouldn’t have to worry about this.


If you are like most people though then you aren’t going to be buying a cheap wig every month. You are going to be buying them for a while so you want to make sure that they are going to stay on for a while. There are a number of factors at play here. Some of them are pretty straightforward. Your skin can affect how long rentals will last so if you get a lot of oils on your scalp you could find that your hair dries out quickly which will stop them from staying put.


Other factors at play are the kind of hair you have and your natural hair growth pattern. If you have very curly hair then you are likely to have to spend longer than someone with straight hair. Also, some people have longer hair on the bottom which means that the rentals will hang down a lot more than someone with longer hair on the top. This is because the hair on the top tends to grow faster than the hair down the back. Of course this makes the bottom portion of the frontals shorter.


The way that your hair falls over your eyes can also affect how long do frontals last. People who have curly or wavy hair tend to have to spend considerably longer than those whose hair is straight. This isn’t just an American phenomenon. European women have been wearing wigs for quite some time and they still wear wigs even though they have straight hair.


So how long do frontals last? It really depends on the hairstyle that you are going for and the density of your hair. Also, how long do frontals last if you buy one that is un-fitted for you. Most wigs are fitted so that they will sit right on the scalp. The problem arises if the wig isn’t designed to sit properly on the head. This may be the reason why some people have to wear a wig cap or hair extensions.


If you want to lengthen your hair, the best bet is to cut it and go to a salon or hairdresser and ask for a cut. This will make your hair appear to be longer, but it isn’t really true. Cut your hair so that it is longer than it actually is. Then buy a wig cap or use hair extensions and your hair will appear to be longer. You can even do this at home.

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