My Cheating Girlfriend

My Cheating Girlfriend

“Zoella Cheated On Me” is the second of two episodes in the television show “Raising Helen.” This show revolves around the story of a young girl who gets married and raises a family. While raising the children, her husband falls for one of her foster daughters.


The episode starts out as Zoella, the mother to the family, is cooking dinner with the family. However, just as she is about to put the meal on the table, a servant comes by and tells her that his master has died. She goes off crying, but then changes her mind when she sees her husband’s body on the bed. She runs into the room to find a letter from her dead husband, which he’d written to thank her for raising his children.


zoella’s words to convince her that she should forgive her husband and love him again. However, her heart refuses to open up again to her. When her friend tells her that she’d like to marry him, fella gets angry. However, she decides to give her friend a chance. The next morning, fella goes to the garden where her friend is getting ready to go on her honeymoon, but she decides not to go on the trip.


zoella continues to wonder if her cheating ways have come back to haunt her. After her friend tells her that she’d like to get married to him, she gets even more suspicious. Her friend tells her that it was all a misunderstanding, and that she’d like to give it a try one day. This leads to zoella finally confronting her husband about cheating.


At first, her husband tries to convince her that he had no idea that she was cheating on him. However, fella gets more convinced. Then she discovers a letter in the living room. The letter has been written by their previous landlord, confirming that she’d been given a notice of default. She goes to the lawyer and discovers that he too had defaulted on his rent, so that he has evicted her.


zoella now thinks that maybe she’s been cheated on again. She goes to meet her new boyfriend, whom she’s recently started seeing. She tells her ex-boyfriend about her doubts, and her ex-boyfriend tells his ex-girlfriend about his doubts. Fella realizes that she’s been cheated on. Then her ex-boyfriend decides that he wants to end their relationship and marry zoella.


zoella now decides that she’d like to see her ex-boyfriend again, so that they can work things out. However, one of her ex-boyfriends has taken over her case. She goes to meet her ex, but he proves to be unfaithful. Then she decides to tell her friend about her suspicions. The ex-boyfriend tells her what she’d like to know, and the two end up reconciliation.


zoella proves that she had a hard time after cheating on her ex. However, no one else seems to believe her, including her friends, except her ex-boyfriend. He tells her that he believes she’d changed, but zoella doesn’t believe him. As she begins to have feelings for him again, she gets suspicious of who she’s been seeing.

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