What Is Corsair Crossword?

What Is Corsair Crossword?

The Corsair Crossword Scrabble Dictionary is a must for any fan of the Crossword game. It has been downloaded by many people from more than one website. With this resource, one can develop an array of words and phrases to be used in the Crossword puzzles. The dictionary has been created after taking into consideration the complexity of the game and its requirement to make sense out of chaotic and confusing words.


The Corsair dictionary is available for download in Word, PDF or HTML formats. Having the online source of the Crossword puzzle is extremely useful especially for those who are too busy to play in the casinos or at other leisure places. This will save them time as they do not have to travel to the gaming hall for a puzzle. The word games are organized in multiple columns for each letter of the alphabet. The word must be sorted from the initial position (offering clues) to the last position where it appears again.


Each player gets to see the first, second and third word in the same column of the board. There are five letter tiles that represent the A – Z letters. One must use all the tiles that are on the board to form words. The words can be combined to form one word, but they cannot contain the letter that preceded a particular letter.


A word that does not appear in the first three positions may be guessed and then the player can try to guess the rest of the word without looking at the board. The game has a time limit and the earlier words become popular. The word with the most number of correct guesses wins. However, all words that are used are required to be the same.


The game is played on a nine by nine grid and each player takes a turn generating a keyword using the letters in that column. Players can use the space below the rows to place their hints. A Corsair Crossword is generated by finding the first occurrence of the keyword in the text that can be inserted into the grid. This means that the words can be those that have already appeared in the puzzle.


An interesting feature is that the last word is chosen by the player who finds the most words in the shortest time. The person with the highest score is the winner. It is known as the Crossword Royalty. There are several other versions of this game as well.

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