You Lie in Your Sleep – The Truth About Christian and Zoella

You Lie in Your Sleep – The Truth About Christian and Zoella

In her new memoir, Zoella De Laurentiis reveals the devastating effects of infidelity on her family. In 2021, she met Christian McStay with whom she shared a romantic evening in Miami, but it all went sour the next day. They were married in a Catholic Church ceremony, but within a few days, Christian started working on his own and refused to give their relationship a second chance. At first, Zoella tried to back out of the marriage, but then changed her mind. She decided to stay with Christian because she loved him, but this break up turned out to be harder than she thought.


Zoella says she felt like she had been hit on the head by a flying object. She has suffered from depression and anxiety since the marriage. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone about what happened because she knows she looks horrible. Everyone thinks she’s stupid and that she’s only getting this trouble because she’s ugly. It’s not true. The truth is she was the one who cheated on Christian.


This revelation will definitely change everything in Zoella’s and Christian’s lives. Aside from losing their nest of friends, they’ve also lost their source of income, and now they’re both in deep financial problems. So they’ve resorted to being survivalists and trying to save their family.


But the truth is that they’ve become very bad at this, and they’ve even ruined their marriage. They both blame themselves, but they both know there was no way they could have cheated on each other. That’s why they both decided to write a book together. Their book is called “You Lie in Your Sleep.”


Although this isn’t exactly a true story, it is based on the true events. Zoella and Christian used to be really close and Christian said that he loved her so much that he wanted to marry her. He even brought her a ring so that she can show off the ring while he’s sleeping. However, it turned out that she wasn’t really that close to him in the first place.


In the “You Lie in Your Sleep” book, the couple reveals the real story about their love story. It’s sad to see how their trust and relationship got ruined because of one mistake. Even though Christian was the only one who knew about his girlfriend’s affair, he still decided to risk it all and took the risk. Unfortunately, he failed and ended up losing his only friend.


The “You Lie in Your Sleep” book is truly a great read. It touches a lot of emotions and even shows some sympathy to Christian and his daughter. In fact, there are even moments when the author admitted that she realized she had been wrong about her decision.


What really makes “You Lie in Your Sleep” a great read is that it doesn’t try to make you feel sympathy for Christian. Although the details of his affair are terrible, and his wife probably had a role in it, the author tries to give an objective point of view. She wouldn’t be a good mother if she was also going to get cheated on. Despite being one of the most depressing books I’ve ever read, “You Lie in Your Sleep” makes you think about the true meaning of friendship and love.


Everyone makes mistakes. What makes “You Lie in Your Sleep” a great read is that it doesn’t focus on the blame game. It would have been too easy to put all the blame on Christian and his wife. They were the ones who chose to go out instead of staying at home and talking it over. In the end, you would have seen that they both know that their actions were wrong, but they still end up hurting each other.


In the end, “You Lie in Your Sleep” is not really about the answers. Instead of being a book that answers the age old question, “How did Zoella cheat on Christian?” the author poses more questions. Why did she do it?What would have happened if she hadn’t?


The truth will always remain a mystery, so it’s better not to find out the truth. Just accept the fact that she probably had a lapse of judgment and made a terrible decision. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from your mistakes. “You Lie in Your Sleep” offers some good lessons and you just need to know them.

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