Zoella Cheats – Is it Possible?

Zoella Cheats – Is it Possible?

One of the most interesting things about “Zoella the Go Girl” is that she cheats on her boyfriend with her best friend, Eric. So how did this happen? Why did she do it? Why now? Did she find someone else or is there something else going on? Well, read on to find out the answers!


This all started when she met Eric at a party and he was really cute and adorable. They instantly became best friends and started hanging out together. Well they soon discovered that they both had common interests like fashion, movies, and video games. And that’s when they decided to try to get each other another pet. Naturally they kept each other up at all times and got each other’s phones numbers and even made silly little videos with their phones.


However, this friendship began to go bad when one day Zoella realized that her favorite celebrity was Eric Bercilious! That must have been really hard for her because she adores him and would do anything just to see him. So one day she calls him up on her cell phone and finds out that he’s at a bar. She hangs up the phone and calls him but he doesn’t pick up.


Then she goes over to his house later on that night and finds him with a group of girls. She follows them to a new spot and finds them having some drinks and playing poker. Now it’s clear that something must be going on because she sees him and his friends having some sort of fun. She decides to confront them but when they tell her she doesn’t have to, she decides not to.


But that wasn’t enough for Zoella because one day her phone rings at her house but it’s Eric Bercilious! She runs down to the phone only to find him lying on the floor with a bunch of girl’s clothes on him. zoella then runs into another room while yelling at the guys who are on the ground because she finds them covered in bug bites!


Well now we know why fella is so mad at Eric Bercilious; he just has too much female attention! One of the things I like about Zoi is that she’s a very strong willed individual. She doesn’t easily get upset over petty things; instead she gets mad because she thinks she’s being cheated on by her friend. It makes you wonder what she sees in his eyes though, because he always seems so deep in thought while she’s around. And one of the things I like about Zoi is that she always seems to know what everyone else thinks about her, which is why she can be so good at picking out people she loves.


Unfortunately she can’t tell me why she does this because she hasn’t told us her full name. The only thing we do know is that she was in school with one of David Blaine’s friends; and he took her to one of his concerts. After the concert they all became friendly and Zoi soon fell in love with him; even though David is still not completely convinced that she is his soul mate.


So how does one get a cheating girlfriend like Zoi? Well if you have a little more time than most women do, then you could try going on a date with her; but if you are like me you’ll probably want to spend more time just hanging out with your friends. You see, if you give her your number you can call her anytime you want. And since she is so good at picking up on peoples emotions; you could also ask her out to places you would normally go together. I must say that if you do want to see her face you must be sure to ask her out on a date first.

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